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My CPI Experience

By Eugene Broda


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            I started work at Colonial Penn in March of 1986 as an auto claims adjuster. I started on the same day as Marie Brassel. I had followed Jerry Clamon over from Pru, he had left a year earlier and liked it a lot! I worked in the comp claim unit handling "baby" claims - this was fun - I could have done this forever. The nice thing was that at the end of the day, you sere done and so was your work! For those computer geeks like me - I first had a "green screen" dumb terminal for what was "Big Iron" or an IBM AS 400. Not sure of all the details but found out later in my college days at HCC that at some point I was connected to an AS 400.

            I worked at Colnial Penn for 11 years in both auto and homeowner claims, I also spent time as an auto total loss specialist and I did total auto thefts and fires for several years. CPI loved to bouce you around and most supervisors had little management skills! Stress was very high and we had many employees taking meds for stress including myself. One person even had a breakdown on the claims floor. The work never stopped - even when you went on vacation. Once you were behind, then it was just a matter of putting out fires. Not a good way to do buisness! I am so surprised no one ever went "postal"!

            Work sucked but the people were great! I met a lot of people at CPI many of those I still consider friends today. It was one of the most social places I ever worked at. We went out to lunch almost EVERY day and both the claims department and the Rec Club had functions that we attended outside of work. We did a weekend at the River Ranch on the other side of Brandon and trips to Disney seemed to happen several times a year. We worked hard but we also played hard! The work just won out and I left Friday September 13, 1996 - yes Friday the 13th - the day before my birthday!!! It was one of the happiest days of my life - my doctor had told me I would have to quit soon because the stress was killing me! They just beat me to the punch. I remember sitting with HR director Cris whom I had know for 11 years. I told her I would miss the people but I was glad to be out! She just did not know how bad it was in claims! I came back one week later and cleaned out my desk after hours - but as usual most people were still there - no big deal - they were happy for me - I was FREE!!!!

            While at CPI I was involved in the Rec Club and the C.P. Sliders softball team - you can read more about this in the section marked C.P. Sliders. I will be adding more as I think of it in the months to come!!!! More to come ............................................

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