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  My Time at Prudential    

Prudential Insurance Co. of America

My time at the Mighty Pru

By Eugene Broda


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            Prudential was my first "real" job, I had taken some insurance classes at USF and my dad had been an Allstate agent so I figured this might be for me! I gave it four years but was I wrong, now things might have been different if I worked at a different office, I hope the largest insurance company in the world does it right somewhere! I just have never seen a company that "eats its own" - all I learned to do was sell insurance based on cash values and dividends built up in the old policies. I never saw a "needs" sale in four years with the mighty Pru. I tried them but as a 23 year old rookie trying to sell "Whole Life" to young couples that really needed some WL but large amounts of term for the mortgage or other needs of a young family.

            I started Pru in 1981, I had been attending my 220 hour Property and Casualty class at University of Tampa so I was almost ready to start selling auto and home right away. Some guys NEVER got their P & C lic. while I was there - they could not pass what is a hard exam. I liked selling auto and home because you did not need cash values or dividends to make a sale - no "magic of 7". That reminds me that we had an "experienced" agent from "up north" (why would you leave a book of biz???) who was selling first year cash value "executive" policies that were intended to max loans and leverage for huge "key man" policies to housewives. I loved it when Pru legal got involved - they must have sh_t their pants when they saw the number of polices he sold and the people who did not understand those loan statements they got in the mail!

            We had a a real "pip" for a district manager, he just sat in his office all day until afternoon when he would leave early to play tennis. We asked him once to buy a "cross directory" to help us in sales and he picked up a phone book and said here is your cross directory! Cheap as they come! He got mad at me when I joined the union, so I asked him how the commission percents were determined on the products we sold - he hemmed and hawed and then said they were negotiated with the union. But the union only got what Pru intended them to get! What a joke! I loved it when he was all over the agent who sold a big policy, but could not be found 6 months later when the sale crashed and burned as the "junk" it was. He was soooo stupid - could not understand why we "brokered" health insurance with other companies - Pru did not have a health product and when they did they would not sell it to anyone! We tried to explain to this idiot that we did not want "other" insurance agents in the house selling health - so we found a way to sell it - daaaaaaaa, does not take a rocket scientist to know I do not want another insurance agent in the house!!!!

            I stayed until 1986, March before I followed another agent over to Colonial Penn as a claims adjuster. The district manager did offer to have me transfered to Pru claims, however, they were in Jacksonville and I did not want to move. More to follow .................

The End

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