C.P. Sliders Softball   

C.P. Sliders Softball

Playing softball while at Colonial Penn

By Eugene Broda # 3

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            The C.P. Sliders was both a men's and a coed company softball team for Colonial Penn Insurance Co. Tampa, Florida. We played in the Hillsborough County adult slow-pitch community leagues from 1987 to about 1993. I was a player, coach and manager for the team during these years. I was also a baby-sitter, equipment manager, fashion cordinator as well as just about anything else that was needed for an adult softball team.

            Most of the time we "hung out" after the games at Point After Pub, Good Time Charlie's or Hooters - softball was more of a reason to go "hang out"! We had an awards party every year and gave trophies to everyone including our favorite girls/servers at the pub. It was always a good time! In the end, several players started the "good times" prior to the game and it made for a challange to "manage" the team!

            The first several years as the C.P. Sliders we wore navy blue jerseys with white logos and numbers. In the last few years of the coed team the ladies wanted "HOT pink" and black uniforms, I explained to them that you MUST be very good to wear "pink" and we were just not that good! We settled on orange, black and white. We wore black jerseys with orange logos on white and orange numbers. Most players wore black pants and we had black hats with a orange "C.P. Sliders" monogram on them. These uniforms were nice and we were the sharpest team in the league. We even got matching black satin "baseball" jackets with the orange and white logo on the back. We even got "away" uniforms of orange jersies with black numbers and a white and black logo on the front. In the end I was playing with a light grey or white jersey for hot days!

           As for players, we had a base of about 8-9 players that were there week in and week out, the other positions were made up by myself or whoever I could "get" to play for us! I always had extra uniforms in the car and we had an interesting makeup of different people who played as a "C.P. Slider" for at least one week!
Most of the "regulars" worked for Colonial Penn or were girlfriends, friends, boyfriends, wives or children of an employee. Towards the end more and more players were not part of CPI so it was harder and harder to get money from the Rec Club" for the fees and "new" balls needed for games. It all worked out in the end. We had FUN!!!!


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